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Mobile Sales and Repairs:


You can get mobile handsets from as cheap as £20 (brand new), we provide 90 days warranty on all refurbished stock on mobile phones.

We keep all major brand handsets in stock.

We carry out mobile service on-site you don't have to leave your handsets for repairs.


Laptop and Desktops:


We carry more than 30 Laptops on display, you can choose from a wide variety of laptos and desktop computers, we can provde container load of computers and monitors.


Please ask us for trade and bulk discount. Call us now: 020 8911 0911

Bulk Order for Exports:

We Ship worldwide please let us know what you need:

We can provide you with a large quantity on desktop computers / Laptops and mobile phones kindly call us on: 020 8911 0911 for more information.

Call Now: 020 8911 0911

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